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Considering having flooring done with CHOICES FLOORING? Below is the experience of just one consumer which certainly warrants careful consideration before signing any contracts with Choices Flooring (Alexandria) - and even afterwards. All data is authenticated by management of this website, although names are withheld for privacy.

Complaint lodged with Dept. Fair Trading Feb 2018  No.9271571:

 The contract unequivocally specified the use of Masonite for underlay. Choices Flooring had a fibreboard installed and laid vinly over that.  When confronted with this, Choices tried to assert that Masonite is a generic term. Masonite is a registered brand name. Choices Flooring finally agreed to re-lay the flooring using Masonite (as per the contract) but flatly refused to provide any warranty, if they were compelled to do so (as was a condition of the contract). DFT outcome pending.

Thinking of using Choices Flooring? Perhaps you may choose to think again.





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